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 Gold56's character

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PostSubject: Gold56's character   Wed May 26, 2010 8:31 am

Name: Golden Eye (self named), Gold for short

Age: 18 now 21

Sex: Male

Appearance: sandy blond hair (combo of Sora and Roxas), gold eyes. Stands about 6' 3". Pale skin and wears the organization cloak most the time. When he isn't he wears a light blue jacket, a black shirt, light blue shorts and converse looking high tops. After deal with Hades- Black, red and silver hair, wears a blindfold, black pants, gray shirt, a trench coat style jacket the goes down to his knees and boots that stop just mid-shin. and his hair isn't as spiky as it was

Personality: Cares and is used to being alone. He easily gets attached to people because a small part of him hates being alone.

Weapon: Blade of Hearts. Normally it's completely black it's handle looks like a heart. When a strong heart appears it gains one heart on it and looks like a moon. Like in 358/2 days. Blade of Souls takes on a gold and black color and uses the darkness it absorbs (I know it's weird). It also seals away the souls of those it kills, same with those people's hearts. Before the Keyblade War Gold had a third Keyblade called the X Blade. Able to control anything. He also a black blade that looks a bit like Cloud Strife's

Bio: Has absolutely no memories of anything. Out of fake kindness Xehanort took him under his wing. Gold knows nothing other than what Xehanort has told him. Still, Gold has doubts about who he is and his role in this world. Really wants to remember but fears those memories. Lives in the Keyblade Graveyard unless Xehanort needs him else where. Gold has two old names, one is Lexian from when Organization XIII was still around and the second is Nai'el, from before and after the Keyblade War. Slowly he is remembering
things. When he was a much younger Nai'el Gold was blind. Which now seems to be returning

Name: Aurora
Age: Looks twenty.
Appearance: Pale blond hair and when it moves seems to change color like Aurora Borealis, she has pale pink eyes. She wears a pale pink tank top and black pants with converse looking black shoes
Personality:Easily annoyed, hard working, great leadership skills and like Gold she's also caring.
Weapon: Her fists mostly and a pale pink Keyblade called Sakura.
Bio: Friends with Gold and Xehanort before the Keyblade War. She died during the Keyblade War and was 'brought back' from the dead. Truth is she can only be seen, heard and have feelings. Other than that she's still dead
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Gold56's character
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